Monday, December 14, 2009

Glorious Land

Love is glorious in this land
we shouldn't move, but stand
helping others and never making demands
we mustn't stop, but understand.

We walk together so happily,
this isn't everyone's destiny.
Soldiers fighting is the key
this hasn't come easily.

We are without a king,
so we don't have to sing
about how it might sting
if we weren't proud and welcoming.

Our flag is so beautiful
even though it's not very colourful.
We're all so very grateful
for land that's ever wonderful.

Here no one steals
since there's no killing seals,
where people won't keel
and there's plenty of deals.

We will always stand tall
and we won't dare stall,
as we survive it all
and we won't be small.

Canada is the glorious place,
where we don't dislike any race,
and there is no trace
of anger that's in this place.

Honourable Mention 2008: Ben Waechter, 12
Mildmay, ON
Photo credit: ZedZap(Nick)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where Do I Belong?

Where do I belong?

Is a question we ask ourselves,

From time to time,

When we’re kids, teens or adults.

Asking ourselves “Where do I belong?”

Helps us fit in with friends.

Helps us fit in with family.

Helps us fit in at our workplace.

Asking ourselves “Where do I belong?”

Helps us fit in society.

Or even at home with our parents.

Ask yourself “Where do I belong?”

Everybody fits in somewhere.

Everybody belongs somewhere.

We all have a place in the world.

Where do I belong.


by JOANNA DRASSINOWER, Toronto, ON, National Ideal Way 2008 Poetry Competition second place winner.
Photo credit: anniferrr

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Born Again

After the last light disappears

the shadows come out to play

caressing the water's surface

covering the land in a blanket of darkness.

As the angels look from above

watching time pass

sitting on a bed of clouds

listening to the earth breathe

God's children finally fall asleep.

Morning comes

and the sun touches her wings

bringing her to life

blowing her hair

signs of a beautiful day.

Sitting by the lake

looking up

I wave at someone

and she waves back

I will never forget her.

Benjamin Prins 2009(Benjamin Prins has published two books of poetry, Words Of Emotion In Motion and Words of Emotion In Motion: Just For You.)

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Photo credit: Sheffield Tiger