Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life From an Eagle's View

Community is more than simply living near other people.

I have been welcomed with open wings to the eagles' community.

I am an eagle!

I took an extra step into eagle country.

People got to know me very well.

They are helping me grow and are teaching me new things.

As an eagle I will help others.

I can go anywhere.

I will contribute to the schoool no matter what catches my eye.

To view the future as far as the eye can see

Shows me I can do anything in the future.

Next time you look into the sky of blue,

Think of what life is like from an eagle's view.


Mitchell Bullen, 14
Arkona, ON
Photo credit: KhayaL

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In

Open your eyes; look around.
What do you see?
I see a bright, happy day that is just about to begin.
Don't look at the gloomy side,
leave the rain aside.
Step into the sunshine,
I am sure you will feel glad.
Look at the positives in your life.
I am sure there must be one.
What about being alive?
You should be glad of that.
It makes you want to be in a pool of bright colours
and ready to make a tremendous dive.
Orange and yellow are positive colours;
bring those colours into your life.
Leave the blue, grey and brown,
for those colours will make you depressed.
Your life is surrounded by the colour wheel,
but let the arrow stop at the positive colours.
Let the sun shine in your life!
If you're living in a cold world,
all you would see is darkness.
There wouldn't be any excitement,
only icy, cold tears running down people's faces
or the expression of anger.
Why would you want to live in darkness?
Now is the time to change,
if you're living in that kind of world.
Have I got my point across?
What did you choose?
Did you choose to stay in that cold, icy world
that is surrounded by darkness?
Or did you choose to be in a warm, sunny world
which is full of happiness?
I hope you chose to live in the world of happiness.


2008 Meagan Ipsen, 21
Innerkip, ON

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Loving Hands

When I was a child,
My hands were smooth, small and innocent.
My hands wiped away tears. My hands reached for help from parents.
When I was a child, I thought and played like a child.
My hands got dirty.

My hands built sandcastles.
Soon my hands began to tell a story.
I became a teenager.
My hands started to be roadblocks,
As my epilepsy slowed me down.
My hands had no will because I had no control.
Taking medicine put my hands back in control.
Painting was a way to express myself with my hands.
I love to give gifts.
With painting I can express myself more than just writing.

"Loving Hands" is a gift to my nephew Anthony.
My nephew is a child of two.
He really loves playing with me.
I notice when I say goodbye, he is so sad to see me leave.
I gave him this painting as a Christmas gift.
Anthony was so surprised.
He said to me, "my hand is in my Daddy's."
My gift is on the wall above his crib.
First Place Winner 2008
Danielle Morris, 36
Woodstock, ON

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Beginnings

As I touched your skin,
The warmth of your glow,
How soft your first touch is,
Your love is mine.
Your voice called to me,
As I ran to you,
My hand touched your soul,
Made me tremble with fear.
Your sky blue eyes warmed my heart,
With the soft touch of your hand,
Happiness grew within me,
Happiness is being with you.
As I saw your warm smile,
I felt peace,
And love,
And serenity.
Happiness is the night turning into day,
The stars disappearing into the light of the sun,
A new beginning,
A new baby.
Second Place Winner 2008
Aleith Cox, 51
Hamilton, ON

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

With These Rings

We will share our love together,

In a partnership filled

with affection - hugs and kisses

with respect - listening and caring

with generosity - sharing our time and treasures

with compliments - looking beautiful to one another

with joy - laughing and having fun together.

And with these rings, the circle of love binds us,

and shields us from critical eyes.

Finally to be blessed by family, friends and our faith.

With these rings, we will share our lives together.

Honourable Mention 2008

Robert Condon, 52

Peterborough, Ontario

Photo: Just SallyRye

Monday, December 14, 2009

Glorious Land

Love is glorious in this land
we shouldn't move, but stand
helping others and never making demands
we mustn't stop, but understand.

We walk together so happily,
this isn't everyone's destiny.
Soldiers fighting is the key
this hasn't come easily.

We are without a king,
so we don't have to sing
about how it might sting
if we weren't proud and welcoming.

Our flag is so beautiful
even though it's not very colourful.
We're all so very grateful
for land that's ever wonderful.

Here no one steals
since there's no killing seals,
where people won't keel
and there's plenty of deals.

We will always stand tall
and we won't dare stall,
as we survive it all
and we won't be small.

Canada is the glorious place,
where we don't dislike any race,
and there is no trace
of anger that's in this place.

Honourable Mention 2008: Ben Waechter, 12
Mildmay, ON
Photo credit: ZedZap(Nick)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where Do I Belong?

Where do I belong?

Is a question we ask ourselves,

From time to time,

When we’re kids, teens or adults.

Asking ourselves “Where do I belong?”

Helps us fit in with friends.

Helps us fit in with family.

Helps us fit in at our workplace.

Asking ourselves “Where do I belong?”

Helps us fit in society.

Or even at home with our parents.

Ask yourself “Where do I belong?”

Everybody fits in somewhere.

Everybody belongs somewhere.

We all have a place in the world.

Where do I belong.


by JOANNA DRASSINOWER, Toronto, ON, National Ideal Way 2008 Poetry Competition second place winner.
Photo credit: anniferrr